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Quilts2Heal, Inc. is an all volunteer-run nonprofit 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization based in Connecticut, and in Leland, North Carolina.  Both chapters produce quilts to support the Quilts2Heal mission.

​Quilts2Heal, Inc. began in 2012 from an effort to provide comfort to the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Connecticut.

Each chapter has its own local Board of Directors which provide leadership. See Photo.

Since its inception, Quilts2Heal has blossomed into an organization focused on providing comfort, healing and warmth by the gift of handmade, high-quality quilts. Quilts have been distributed to victims of natural disasters in twenty three states, and welcomed immigrants and refugees in several states.  See Recipients.

Additionally, quilts have been provided to individuals and families with special challenges. Quilts2Heal has also presented personalized quilts to military veterans at VFW Posts and at college OASIS programs in recognition of their service.

Quilts2Heal has created and distributed over 2527 quilts since 2013.

Quilts2Heal volunteers complete all aspects of the quilt-making process including washing fabrics, ironing, cutting, pinning, inventory control, transporting supplies, as well as traditional sewing activities including fabric-piecing, machine-quilting, tying, creating and attaching binding.  There are also many tasks for volunteers who do not sew or quilt. Quilts are created by quilters individually in their homes and/or at Quilts2Heal sew days. An average size quilt (50” x 60”) requires 40 to 55 hours depending on its complexity.

Click on a quilt to stop the motion and  expand the view.

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